par Marcel OTTE, Sonia SHIDRANG, Damien FLAS (eds)

Table of content

Introduction | M. Otte & S. Shidrang
The 1960s excavations at Yafteh Cave | F. Hole
The Baradostian Sequence of Yafteh cave A typo-technological lithic analysis based on the Hole and Flannery collection | J.-G. Bordes & S. Shidrang
Les fouilles 2005-2008 à Yafteh et la chronologie radiocarbone | N. Zwyns, D. Flas, S. Shidrang & M. Otte
Les vestiges techniques en pierre taillée | M. Otte
The Upper Paleolithic faunal remains from Yafteh cave (central Zagros), 2005 campaign. A preliminary study | M. Mashkour, V. Radu, A. Mohased & J. Darvish
The Earlier Upper Palaeolithic: A View from the Southern Levant | A. Belfer-Cohen & N. Goring-Morris
The Early Upper Paleolithic of the Caucasus in the West Eurasian Context | L.V. Golovanova & V.B. Doronichev
Conclusion | M. Otte